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The office is open 9am to 1pm - Monday to Friday - except Christmas and Bank Holidays 

So what is Intelligent Horsemanship?

Be part of an organisation dedicated to making the world a better place for horses! Intelligent Horsemanship brings the best horsemanship ideas together from around the world in an effort to promote understanding and fair treatment of horses at every opportunity.

Intelligent Horsemanship is for anyone who has ever thought “there must be an easier way than this”. Or “why is it some people have such fun with their horses, but for others it’s an unhappy struggle?”

As a team we’re finding the answers.

Traditionally some horsemen were considered to be gifted and were reluctant to give away their secrets; but now anyone willing to study can benefit from proven equine psychology, years of knowledge and the promise of a non-violent approach which makes sense to the horse.

Intelligent Horsemanship courses teach the science of horsemanship, whilst connecting the emotional and practical needs too. We’ll teach you to read the horses and understand how horses read you. We’ll help you understand the importance of ‘soft skills’ such as mindfulness, focus, eye contact and breathing. You’ll learn the importance of bonding with some horses and setting boundaries with others. We can teach you to think from the horse’s point of view.

Whether a leisure rider or a competitive professional, these methods can help you understand and resolve those challenges you come across and set you and your horse up for success.

What are you waiting for? Join us!