The Ardall Safety Dummy is designed to help prevent serious rider injury when breaking and training horses.

Use it to train a horse to accept the presence of a rider, without putting a rider in the dangerous position of being on
board a panicked, bucking and potentially dangerous youngster.

The Ardall and Ardall SR2 also have significant benefits for ongoing training of performance horses, for muscle development
or for bringing horses back to full fitness after injury. They are easy to use, durable and versatile, they will allow you to
train your horses in a safer way for many years to come. Can you afford NOT to have one in your yard.

The Ardall  Comprises of Four Main Parts:

  1. The Torso
    The main part of the product resembles a legless, human torso with short arms. At its core, there is a coiled spring, which facilitates movement when mounted on a horse. This spring is enveloped with medium-grade foam in the shape of a torso, which is covered with high quality, UV-protected leatherette.
  1. The Base
    The torso is affixed to a flat, solid base, which has been specially moulded to fit any standard saddle. This is covered in the same leatherette as the torso. On either side, there are two straps - used for securing the Ardall SR1 onto the horse - and one screw-on ring, through which the reins go during lunging and long-reining.
  1. The Harness
    An essential component of the product when in use, the harness fits onto the torso. The extent to which the Ardall SR1 moves when mounted on a horse is regulated by the tightness or looseness of the harness.
  1. Weights
    These weights serve to make the Ardall SR1 heavier helping to introduce the horse to the sensation of a rider’s legs on either side. These take the form of two boot-shaped canvas bags, which are filled evenly with fine sand (up to 2 stone/12.7KG in each.) These are clipped onto the Ardall SR1, one on each side, and secured with straps.



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