Perfect Confidence by Kelly Marks


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 Overcoming Fear, Gaining Confidence and Achieving Success with Horses 

'Some people dream of winning while others dream of losing their fears'. However ambitious or basic your goal, Kelly Marks is on hand to help you make that dream a reality. Despite major setbacks early on, Kelly Marks was determined to live a life with horses and went on to win BSJA showjumping championships and major races as a Lady Jockey; she finished her racing career winning the Ladies European Championship. Kelly has since gone on to become Britain's most popular "Equine Problem Solver" and founder of the Intelligent Horsemanship organisation, which helps horses and people worldwide.Kelly's first two books went on to be international bestsellers, but this book could be her most valuable yet. As true horse people know, while technique and knowledge are essential for good horsemanship, how you feel about yourself is the missing link to the greatest results. Using the proven techniques in this book you will learn how to: resolve your fears when dealing with horses; be the confident person your horse needs you to be; be your own best friend as well as your horse's; stop making excuses; plan your goals and reach your dreams; and plan hacking success or championship success! 
Not confined to horses - ... or to actual problems with confidence, this book is excellent for self awareness and facilitating realistic goal setting in all walks of life. Kelly comes across as a "real" person who is humanitarian as well as having a passion for equines. A common sense approach that less than perfect can still be OK. - Mrs Laura Middlemiss
Get Perfect Confidence in Everything You Do! - Another outstanding book from Kelly Marks. Every horse handler needs Perfect Manners and Perfect Partners is the next step in building that special relationship with your horse. Now Perfect Confidence completes the Perfect trilogy. This time Kelly excels herself by showing us how to improve our self esteem and capability, whilst enabling us to set and achieve realistic goals. And if that isn't enough, the book does it in a fun, interactive and easily readable way. As you would expect there are lots of superb photographs of Kelly's former problem pony, American Pie and some rather unexpected, particularly touching contributions from Kelly's mentor, Monty Roberts, as well as from Kelly's major influence, her father, race horse trainer Douglas Marks, who sadly died before the book went to print. When you've read it, you can look forward to seeing a different world as things change around you, especially if that world involves a horse. - Catherine Walker
Purely Perfect - An absolutely fantastic, special piece of literature from a really talented lady. Definitely recommended to everyone - those horsey, those not, those with confidence issues, those without. Everyone can learn something and enjoy this book. - - Miranda, Australia
Having a young horse, and getting older it is difficult to be as confident as I once was!! Couple of falls later confidence was at an all time low. Had bought a different book of Kelly's and it was only ok. But this is very good, helpful without being insulting, and good exercises, actually jumped a very small course today on my mare and haven't jumped for months! - Jeni, Ireland
After having a fall some years ago, then after returning to riding I found myself being a very nervous rider, I was reading this book and thinking I can’t do that, but I found that I could, that every time I have a negative though (such as I am going to fall off, I am going to get hurt), I can replace is with a positive one, I have had one riding lesson since reading this book and afterwards two people told me I rode really well (nobody normally says anything to me after a lesson). This is my third self confidence self help book (all by different authors) and this is simply the best, it does not take away your nerves but now I feel that I control them, not that they control me. - Mrs Silver
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