Red Zone Super Fly Spray


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Kelly loves the Red Zone Super from Red Horse Products. It is a highly effective insect repellent spray which is gentle on the skin and safe and pleasant to use

With 20% Saltidin® (registered trade mark of Saltigo GMBH, Germany) a great new DEET alternative. With a broader spectrum, longer lasting effect and none of the nasty side effects of DEET (rotting  leather and plastic, decreasing skin defences etc.) Saltidin is almost odourless, very safe and non-irritant.

Other active ingredients include bog myrtle oil, cade oil, garlic oil and lemon eucalyptus oil - all well known for their repellent effect.

Red Zone Super has proven extremely effective against midges, horse flies and most other biting pests.

Comes in a 500ml Spray

Note: Red Zone and the active ingredients used in Red Zone are designed for use on humans